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    Support to Basic and Rural Health Centers

    PARCO has extended its support to various Basic and Rural Health Centers through the Schools and Clinics Support Program. These centers are located in small villages near PARCO’s Mid-Country Refinery, cross-country Pipeline, Stations, and Terminals. Their primary objective is to offer essential healthcare services to the local communities residing in these villages. Consequently, community members no longer need to endure lengthy journeys to urban areas for basic medical treatment.
    The assistance provided by PARCO encompasses critical infrastructure improvements. Specifically, complete wards have been established in these medical facilities to fulfill their pressing needs. Additionally, significant efforts have been dedicated to enhancing the overall hygiene standards within these institutions. Furthermore, PARCO has supplied the necessary equipment to facilitate essential medical services at these centers, effectively demonstrating its commitment to corporate social responsibility in the healthcare sector.

    PARCO Community Welfare Clinic

    PARCO’s Mid-Country Refinery (MCR) in Qasba Gujrat is situated amidst numerous underprivileged communities lacking access to fundamental education and healthcare services. In this realm, PARCO has established a Community Welfare Clinic to offer essential health facilities to domestic workers employed at the Mid-Country Refinery, as well as their families and residents from the surrounding areas. This clinic serves as a local hub for family welfare and community health, catering to the diverse needs of the community.

    Enhancing Healthcare Services

    PARCO is dedicated to improving healthcare by actively supporting various medical institutions through philanthropic endeavors focused on capacity building. These valuable contributions play a crucial role in aiding deserving patients who lack the means to afford necessary medical treatments.
    In addition, PARCO and its subsidiary, PAPCO, are committed to upgrading healthcare facilities in close proximity to their operations in Punjab and Sindh. This initiative aims to assist vulnerable communities in accessing vital treatments and medical services. Furthermore, the company organizes a range of health camps, including eye camps and more, to provide support to these communities in addressing their specific health concerns.